THIS BLOG HAS TWO PURPOSES: To make friends for Michigan and (incidentally) for myself.

This is a huge state with endless variety. I'd like readers to enjoy descriptions of places and activities so much that they come to visit.
And I hope my tales of personal adventure and discovery will inspire some readers to share their own in the comments.



As soon as I moved into my "maize and blue" house in Northville I established a routine: early workout at Planet Fitness followed by coffee and a muffin at Great Harvest. The town is small so I walk, passing the library and city hall, where I sometimes stop for a book or to do a bit of business such as "absentee voting". It's an old-fashioned town and I'm lucky to live in one of its lovely Victorian houses.

The neighbors are, well, neighborly. Nice folks! And I see some member of my son's family every day. Life is relaxed and pleasant. I even have my own little woods, complete with a few deer who thought I grew flowers just for them until I discovered "liquid fence". I cut grass, water flowers, rake leaves, and pick up black walnuts which I share with the squirrels. They have no idea what a luxurious treat they are! It's good to be here.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Halloween Decorations in Northville

The Detroit Free Press just posted great pictures of the annual "skeleton parade" on Main Street. Every year it gets better.

Skeletons are Alive in Downtown Northville

Monday, September 8, 2014

Detroit's Communication Systems are Beyond Obsolete

Detroit's Internet Woes are serious and constitute a real threat to the city's plans for rebuilding.

This brief article outlines the basic flaws but wisely makes no attempt to suggest the cost for redevelopment.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Fed (aka citizens) Lost a Lot on GM Bankruptcy

The American Citizens lost a lot of money on the Fed's bailout of General Motors. The question is "Was it worth it?" As bad as the situation was, and as bad as the fallout would have been, how does that compare with the $11.2 Billion loss to taxpayers?

Government Loss on GM Bailout

How exactly does that affect us as idividuals? Higher taxes? Loss of services? I'd like to see a serious analysis of this but doubt that I will.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

About Blogging

This just in from Relevanza via Twitter:  How to Start a Blog that Rocks

It offers practical steps, short and sweet, easy to understand - a spring board. There's a lot of good guidance for bloggers on the internet, but this is the right approach at the right time for me.

Why do I blog? To meet and converse with interesting "strangers"as well as friends while improving my writing and research skills.

I created my first blog a few years ago as a way for members of a state-wide organization to interact without emails that could grow cumbersome, or traveling miles for meetings. It was modestly successful for the group and great fun for me because I love learning new things. But Blogging Rule #1 says A Blog Needs a Purpose or a Topic, not just any topic but something that people will want to read. That alone is a tough assignment!

I now have several blogs, some skills, a list of blogs I follow and couple of followers of my blogs. Since I want to continue it is time to "Implement Rule #1" as I would have said in my working days. I will post the result here.

I'm Back

Why no posts since the holidays? Lots of travel, some crazy health issues (now happily resolved) and a lot of pondering about content.

Stay tuned for more about Mary in Michigan and on road.
See you soon . . .

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays - An Open Christmas Letter

For my special friends Bonnie, Sandy and the Morgans (Alice and Jim), and any others who drop by:

I am either creative or lazy, depending on how charitable you feel. I had electronic greetings this year from Bonnie, Sandy and the Morgans, so I decided to share my year the same way. But instead of summarizing what I recall I am sharing the tale here as I told it at the time. It will take longer to read, but I think it will be more fun.

In addition to six children and their spouses I have 17 grandchildren (four with spouses) and six great-grandchildren, to be seven in January. That results in many major events and impromptu get-togethers. This blog highlights a few of each. Life is different than in Ohio, richer in ways, although I miss son Paul and my activities and friends there.

For more pictures and items from previous years you may enjoy two of my other blogs:

To avoid scrolling through posts not about me, my life and family, you can select from the Topics list on the right.

Because I live in the same enormous county that includes Detroit I include on separate pages some news links from the developing Detroit bankruptcy. I mention that in case you are interested.

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